Once upon a time, a little cat decided to throw in a desk job and leave her home town of Sydney to snowboard in Japan. She has now been chasing winters since 2014 and has snowboarded and worked in Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the US.

But there’s a lot more to see and do. Come along for the ride through blogs, videos and photos – then get inspired to start your own adventure.

It’s a big world out there,


Little Cat

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heya Alex great to see you, Sam and Mum today at Pilates :) so nice seeing family together :)

    Mad website!!!! So good I’m aiming for Japan at some point in future so would be awesome to see you in future maybe :) hehe

    Also didn’t want to ruin Pilates vibe but please send my regards to Sam aswell and I don’t have Facebook but would be mad if I go to Melbourne to say hello to Sam aswell one day :)

    All the best

    Kind regards

    • Hey Ronnie! Great to see you too :D

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and getting in touch. I’m heading to Japan in Feb/March 2018 so let me know if you’ll be around. Otherwise, I’m always keen to chat about snow & Japan if you want!

      Sam says hi and yeah if you’re in Melbourne you guys could hang out. We can connect via the blog, or the social media I have in the top right corner of this page. Otherwise I’ll drop my card over to Eric and he can pass it on to you :)

      Take care!


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